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Thanks for fining us. I hope you will enjoy the shows as much as we do introducing them. If you missed or do not want to scroll through the page every month we have a newsletter where we highlight the month's episodes, and announce what's new on our patreon. page.

Sep 19, 2019

In this episode I try to speed up the watch update but that fails with ios 13 and watch os 6. You will in fact hear it fail. Ther is no time progress bar as shown in this image.


screen shot showing text that says the update will begin when the watch is plugged in and at least 50 percent charged. A progress bar shown at the top counts the progress of the update, in this example 10 percent




Update: the watch took 5 hours to update. The downloading to watch is what took the longest. I heard this was an issue. I also lost...

Sep 3, 2019

Welcome to part 3 of the constant battle look through. Thanks renova games  for  such a wonderful title. Lots to do including quests. The help could however e translated a lot better. Go to []( to find out more.


If you like the podcast, please leave a 5 star rating on iTunes or...

Sep 1, 2019

Discord has ben known to make their apps less than accessible on iOs and mac and pc. It's getting better, but their track record has ben proven less than stellar, until now.


Introducing thee new discord for iOs. It is almost 100 percent accessible. Per this author's quick look around there are some unlabeled buttons...