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Welcome to TFFP!

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Welcome to a TFFP winter

Dec 1, 2019


welcome to winter

Hello and welcome to this cold news letter. We are almost in winter, and that means some hibernation. I'm kidding. Actually I've ben busy getting ready to go back to school to get an HR certification of completion. Welcome to a new chapter in my life.

We only have one podcast for this month.. Go to the [website ] for more information and to listen to it. I do have an announcement and a goal for my marathon stream for ringing in 2020.

an upcoming marathon stream and where I'm streaming from

an upcoming marathon stream

I want to every year do a ringing in [insert year]. I might have others planed throughout, however I want to make this one special and educational. This is why in 2020 I want to give up to 20 percent of all donations whether by stream labs and through patreon to the rain springs dental group. My dentist gives to the community, and to me, this is special, as in the united states, dental work is almost as much as a used car and many of us cannot afford very good treatment. They have helped me and I already donated a bit, but I want to help someone in in return, it might not be much, but even a little bit off of their cost would speak volumes for who ever ends up getting chosen by rain Springs dental. I still hate the dentist, but I like one that donates to our community, and is gentle and patient with his clients.


Ok, now with that teeth grinding plug out of the way, here we go. I don't have a set date for the marathon stream as work keeps getting in the way, and I'm trying to keep healthy at the same time, but I am looking at some time on Saturday, or at least a Saturday in January 2020. Where will the stream take place? It will take place on twitch. Why? Due to some things youtube are doing I've decided to only use youtube for uploading purposes, plus twitch have finally made their dash board accessible. So I want to support them and hopefully become a partner with them one day. I really am not sure how twitch works yet, but if you want to follow me or what ever it is called, click my twitch link, and click friend, then follow. If those steps are wrong you can contact me


I think that's it for now. This will be a short ish news letter due to the holidays. Until next year, I bid you guys fair well, have a happy holidays, be with your family, and I'll see you guys next year.


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